Greenpoint Origins

Submitted by on Oct 9, 2014

Greenpoint is a peninsula bounded on the north and east by Newton Creek; on the south Bushwick creek separates it in part from Williamsburg, and the East River is its western boundary. As a peninsula, Greenpoint was initially sparsely populated, made of up several large farms which only later started to be integrated in the economy of nearby Williamsburg.IMAG0003

Once upon a time gazing at Greenpoint from a boat on the East River you would have seen sandy headlands, remnants of the early glacial period, much like those on the north shore of Long Island. The Dutch were the first settlers who fished, farmed and hunted on this piece of land, officially buying the area of Greenpoint from the Indians in 1638. But border wars persisted, with everyone wanting to live along Newton Creek.

That is hard to imagine today – Newton Creek is a Superfund site today!


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